Preprint-Archiv 2003 - 2011 LS Mathematische Statistik und Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie




Liero, Hannelore

Goodness of Fit Tests of L2 Type


Läuter, Henning 

Estimation in partly parametric additive Cox Models


Liero, Hannelore

Testing the Hazard Rate Part I


Dereudre, David; Roelly, Sylvie

On Gibbsianness of infinite-dimensional diffusions


Louis, Pierre-Yves

Coupling, space and time Mixing for parallel Stochastic dynamics


Bagdonavicius, V.B.; Levuliene, R.;
Nikulin, M.S.; 
Zdorova-Cheminade, O.

Tests for homogeneity of survival distributions against non-location alternatives
and analysis of the gastric cancer data


Louis, Pierre-Yves

Increasing Coupling of Probabilistic Cellular Automata 


Läuter, Henning; Liero, Hannelore

Nonparametric Estimation and Testing in Survival Models


Dereudre, David; Roelly, Sylvie 

Propagation of Gibbsianness for infinite-dimensional gradient Brownian diffusions


Fradon, Myriam; Roelly, Sylvie 

Infinite system of Brownian balls with interaction: The non-reversible case


Fradon, Myriam; Roelly, Sylvie 

Infinite system of Brownian Balls: Equilibrium measures are canonical Gibbs


Fradon, Myriam; Roelly, Sylvie

Brownian Hard Balls submitted to an infinite range interaction with slow decay


Liero, Hannelore

Testing the Copula Based on Densities


Liero, Hannelore; Liero, Matthias

Testing the Acceleration Function in Life Time Models


Läuter, Henning

On Approximate Likelihood in Survival Models


Champagnat, Nicolas; Roelly, Sylvie

Limit theorems for conditioned multitype Dawson-Watanabe processes


Cattiaux, Patrick ; Dai Pra, Paolo; Roelly, Sylvie

A constructive approach to a class of ergodic HJB equations with nonsmooth cost


Dai Pra, Paolo; Louis, Pierre-Yves; Minelli, Ida

Complete monotone coupling for Markov processes


Klein, Markus; Zitt, Pierre-André

Resonances for a diffusion with small noise


Rafler, MathiasMartin-Dynkin Boundaries of the Bose Gas2008/03
Zehmisch, RenéÜber Waldidentitäten der Brownschen Bewegung (Diplomarbeit)2008/04
Murr, RüdigerDualitätsformeln für Brownsche Bewegung und für eine Irrfahrt mit Anwendung am Konvergenzergebnis von Donsker  (Diplomarbeit)2008/05
Läuter, HenningEmpirical Minimax Linear Estimates2008/06
Anders, MartinMartingale, Amarts und das starke Gesetz der Grossen Zahlen(Diplomarbeit)2009/01
Keller, PeterErzeugung gleichverteilter Stichproben von Lozenge-Teilungen mittels Kopplung von Markovketten (Diplomarbeit)2009/02
Louis, Pierre-Yves; Rouquier Jean-Baptiste Time-to-Coalescence for Interacting Particle Systems: 
Parallel versus Sequential Updating
Redig, Frank; Roelly, Sylvie; Ruszel, WiolettaShort-time Gibbsianness for infinite-dimensional diffusions with space-time interaction2009/04
Rafler, MathiasGaussian- Loop and Pólya Processes:  a Point Process approach(Doktorarbeit)2009/05
Pénisson, SophieContinuous-time multitype branching processes conditioned on very late extinction2009/06
Fradon,Myriam; Roelly, SylvieInfinitely many Brownian globules with Brownian radii2009/07
Läuter, Henning; Ramadan, AyadStatistical Scaling of Categorical Data2010/01
Liero, HanneloreEstimation and Testing the Effect of Covariates in Accelerated Life Time Models under Censoring2010/02
Läuter, Henning; Ramadan, AyadModeling and Scaling of Categorical Data2010/03
Pénisson, SophieEstimation of the infection parameter in the different phases of an epidemic modeled by a branching process2010/04
Siegert, SabineDas Sankt-Petersburg Paradoxon (Diplomarbeit)2010/05
Zessin, HansClassical Symmetric Point Processes (Skript der Vorlesung gegeben in La Habana, Cuba)2010/06
Roelly, SylvieUnas propiedades basicas de procesos de ramificación (Skript der Vorlesung gegeben in La Habana, Cuba)2010/07
Runge, AntoniaModellierung der Lebensdauer von Systemen (Diplomarbeit)2010/08
Kuxhaus, OlgaParametrische Schätzungen von elliptischen Copulafunktionen(Diplomarbeit)2010/09
Nehring, Benjamin; Zessin, HansA path integral representation of the moment measures of the general ideal Bose gas2010/10
Pénisson, SophieConditional Limit Theorems for Multitype Branching Processes and Illustration in Epidemiological Risk Analysis (Doktorarbeit)2010/11
Kunze, SimoneDas Sammelbilderproblem (Diplomarbeit)2010/12
Voss, CarolaHarness-Prozesse (Diplomarbeit)2010/13
Méléard, Sylvie;  Roelly, SylvieA host-parasite multilevel interacting process and continuous approximations2011/01
Murr, RüdigerCharacterization of Lévy Processes by a duality formula and related results2011/02
Keller, Peter ; Roelly , Sylvie ; Valleriani, AngeloOn Time Duality for Markov Chains with Absorbing Boundaries2011/03