07.05.2021, 10:15 am  –  online

Likelihood-based estimation, model selection, and forecasting of integer-valued trawl processes

Almut Veraat (Imperial College London)

The class of integer-valued trawl processes has recently been introduced for modelling univariate and multivariate integer-valued time series with short or long memory.

In this talk, I will discuss... 

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28.05.2021, 10:15  –  online

Understanding and predicting global biodiversity dynamics

Damaris Zurell (Universität Potsdam)

Almost 200 years ago, Alexander von Humboldt said in his famous Cosmos series that „all natural forces are linked together, and made mutually dependent upon each other“. Today, biodiversity and... 

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25.06.2021, 10:15 am  –  online

Data assimilation simulation in cell biophysics problems

Tatsuo Shibata (RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research, Japan)

Cellular signal transduction system is a complex reaction network consisting of many elements, which  allows cells to respond appropriately to external stimuli. In order to understand and predict such... 

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