Student Projects

Possible Bachelor and Master Projects

Geometric simulation of molecules and proteins

This project will explore the role of shape in how molecules and proteins assemble together in a solvent. This is a very computational and geometry based project, experience and interest in these topics would be great. No prior knowledge of proteins or molecules necessary, but some interest would be useful.


Classification of entangled Archimedean polyhedra

This project will look at the classification Archimedean polyhedra whose edges have been tangled together in a systematic and symmetric way. It is based on a nice process using computational geometry and combinatorics. The project will be to find out what concrete properties and patterns can we observe in the enumerative process. And interest in geometry and visualisation is a must, some interest in graphs and combinatorics would be useful.


For further information on any of these possibilities, please contact Prof. Evans via email.

Previous projects


“Molecular dynamics simulation of three periodic auxetic entanglements”, Anna Pini, 2024 (Università degli Studi di Trento)

“Computational optimization of ideal weaves”, Juliane Harnisch, 2024

“Geometric methods in disordered soft packings”, Lukas Minogue, 2022


“Symmetrische Parkettierungen in der hyperbolischen Ebene”, Anic Meier, 2024

“Grundlagen der Gruppentheorie und ihre Anwendung zur Beschreibung von Molekülen in der Chemie”, Günther Grützmacher, 2023

“Examining knot conformations with identical Kauffman-X polynomial”, Felix Müller, 2023