Profile: Structures in Mathematics inspired by Physics


The fundamental science of Physics has numerous unanswered mathematical questions, in everything from general relativity theory to quantum field theory.  These questions have sparked fascinating new developments in many branches of Mathematics, from Analysis and Geometry all the way to Probability Theory.  In the specialization Structures in Mathematics inspired by Physics, you will obtain the necessary basic knowledge and apply them to today's hottest research fields.

The fundamental concepts are taught in courses offered each year in the branches of Differential Geometry, Functional Analysis, Partial Differential Equations and Probability Theory. In advanced courses at the end of the program, you can further specialize in two or more of these branches. Lectures and seminars on current research topics, some held jointly with the Albert Einstein Institute for Gravitational Physics, offer a glimpse into today's modern research.

Successful completion of a Master's program under this profile opens doors for the student in a wide variety of professional careers. Beyond these, students will be prepared to pursue a PhD.


Basic coursesAdvanced coursesSpezialized courses
Differential Geometry 1Differential Geometry 2Choose from the following areas:
Differential Geometry,
Mathematical Physics,
Partial Differential Equations,
Probability Theory

Funktional Analysis 1Funktional Analysis 2
Partial Differential Equations 1Partial Differential Equations 2
Stochastic ProcessesStochastic Analysis
Minor in Physics or further Advanced and Specialized Courses

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Prof. Dr. Jan Metzger