Call for doctoral fellowship applications in interdisciplinary graduate program PharMetrX

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New Master's Students

The institute of mathematics welcomes all the new master's students. On Monday, the 25th of October 2021, a welcome session will take place online at 6pm. There we will provide you with useful administrative and organisational information as well as a tentative schedule of the courses in the upcoming semester.

You can find the login data as well as further information in the following Moodle course:

Introductory to Master in Mathematics < >

Extension the Funding Period for SFB 1249

The German Research Foundation (DFG) has approved the extension of the funding period for SFB Data assimilation (SFB 1294) for four more years. See here for more details.


Awards for Outstanding Performance at the Institute for Mathematics

This year's second place for the Faculty Award for Outstanding Teaching went to Dr. Jörg Enders for his courses Analysis I and II. The nominating stundents praised the thought-out structure of the course, the effort put into the course content and the intensive exchange between the students and Dr. Enders.

Matti Richter received the Leopold von Buch Award for his excellent performance in his bachelor thesis. In his bachelor thesis on harmonic functions, he managed to transfer the techniques developed for differential operators to the case of graphs, thus substantially generalizing the work of Fields medalist and Abel Prize winner Grigori Alexandrovich Margulis. This achievement is exceptional for a bachelor's thesis and has already been recognized by the Berlin Mathematical Society with an award.


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There are currently 14 professors at the Institute of Mathematics in Potsdam. Their research groups represent a broad spectrum of current research directions in Mathematics. Members of the institute coordinate a Collaborative Research Center (SFB 1294) and are part of the steering committee of a Priority Program (SPP 2026) both financed by the German Research Foundation DFG. Learn more