Master of Science in Mathematics

Our Master's program is typically composed of four semesters (and 120 credit points) and builds off of the Bachelor's program. During your Master's studies, you may embark upon an individualized concentration in a specific topic of your choice.  The concentration can and should be designed by the student but a Faculty Mentor is available for consulting on the choice of coursework. Two profiles are offered for your concentration, building on the research strengths of the Institute of Mathematics.

Profile: Structures in Mathematics inspired by Physics

Profile: Mathematical Modelling and Data Analysis

These profiles ensure a consistent, steady, and research-oriented course plan each semester. Each of these profiles can cover the Master's program requirements. It is further possible to combine courses from both profiles or replace them by still other courses.

With the start of the winter term 2019/20 the language of this Master's program is English. You can find more information in the section "Application and Matriculation".

Entry into Program 

  • The Master's program can be entered in either Winter or Summer Semester.
  • The language of instruction is English.
  • The standard period of study is 4 semesters.
  • The program comprises 120 credit points.

Online Self Assessment

Use the self-assessment to test whether you have sufficient knowledge and skills in mathematics to successfully complete the Master's program in Mathematics. The self-assessment includes a reading list with books that are available online for free. You can use these books to fill any gaps in your knowledge and to improve your skills.

Application and Matriculation

  • The admission requirements include a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics or a comparable degree with substantial Mathematics coursework.
  • English language skills are required.
  • You can find information on eligibility and admission requirements, applying and registering as well as corresponding deadlines on the web pages of the University.
  • The application for this program is done via the University Admissions Portal. You can find more information on this page.
  • The exact regulations for eligibility are in the Master's Eligibility Regulation. You can find them under "Master’s Degree Programs (excluding teacher education)" and "Subject-specific Admission Regulations Mathematics".
  • The exact Master's requirements are set in the study regulations for Master of Mathematics and general regulations (in German). There, you can also find suggestions for a recommended course plan. The respective links to the current regulations can be found on the page for study and examination information.

Minor subject

The students choose a minor subject comprising 18 credit points among the following subjects:

The language of instruction may depend on the subject. You can find more information concerning the required language skills on the web sites of the subjects in the section "Prerequisites for Master's Studies".

Further information

We are happy to answer any questions you may have at We're looking forward to your application!

A flyer on the Bachelor's and the Master's Program is here.