Witnesses of Reunification at the Mathematical Institute in Potsdam

In this series of interviews mathematicians who witnessed the German Reunification at the Institute of Mathematics in Potsdam or were hired shortly afterwards give an account of their experiences. The interviews were conducted by Prof. Sylvie Paycha in German language at the beginning of 2018. Further interviews were held in early 2019 by Dr. Elke Rosenberger and 2020 by Dr. Elke Rosenberger and Prof. Sylvie Paycha.

We would like to thank the University of Potsdam, the German Mathematicians Association and Math+ Berlin Mathematics Research Center for their financial support.

(Picture Source: modifizied version of a picture from Wikimedia Commons)

Witnesses of  Reunification at the Mathematical Institute in Potsdam

1. Dr. Elke Rosenberger und Dr. Andreas Braunß

2. Dr. Wolfgang Schöbel

3. Apl. Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Vogel und PD Dr. Jörg Koppitz

4. Apl. Prof. Dr. Hannelore Liero und Prof. Dr. Henning Läuter

5. Dr. Horst Wendland und Dr. Wolfgang Schöbel

6. Prof. Dr. Bert-Wolfgang Schulze

Interviews with natural scientists in Potsdam

7. Apl. Prof. Dr. Gabriele Saupe

8. HD Dr. Werner Neumann

9. Prof. Dr. Ludwig Brehmer

10. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Regenstein

11. Dr. Reinhard Tiebel

Interviews with Mathematicians at other universities

12. Prof. Dr. Gerhard Pfister

13. Prof. Dr. Jochen Brüning (Video available soon)

14. Prof. Dr. Michael Rapoport

15. Prof. Dr. Klaus Altmann und Prof. Dr. Lutz Hille (Video available soon)

16. Prof. Dr. Roswitha März

17. Prof. Dr. Albrecht Pietsch (Video available soon)

Interviews with scientists at other universities

18. Prof. Dr. Annette Vogt (Video available soon)

19. Prof. Dr. Sonja Brentjes (Video available soon)

20. Prof. Dr. Brigitte Sändig

21. Prof. Dr. Hubert Laitko (Video available soon)

22. Prof. Dr. Thomas Kuczynski (Video available soon)

Interview booklet (German):

Here you have access to the transkripts of all 22 interviews in German, also the soon availables.