Advising and Mentoring Program

Academic Advising

Academic Advising for the following programs:

  • Mathematics: Bachelor of Science
  • Mathematics: Master of Science
  • Mathematics: Bachelor of Education (Lehramt)
  • Mathematics: Master of Education (Lehramt)

Counselor for B.Sc. Students

Prof. Dr. Markus Klein

Telefon: +49 331 977-1734

Counselor for M.Sc. Students

Prof. Dr. Sylvie Roelly

Telefon: +49 331 977-1478

Office hours by arrangement

Faculty Mentor Program

Each student in a Mathematics Bachelor's program will be assigned a faculty mentor at the start of their studies. Master's students should choose a Faculty Mentor at the start of their studies, preferably corresponding to their topics  of interest. The faculty mentor provides regular guidance for all questions related to the organization and planning of the student's course of study.

You will find the current list of all students (shown by their Student Number) and their mentors  here.

If this list shows that you have not yet received a mentor, please ask the following contact person:

Conflict Management

In everyday life at a university various conflicts can arise. Students or members of staff - anyone can end up in a conflict. Personal problems or a conflict with a supervisor can affect motivation and productivity. At the University of Potsdam several counselors may help to resolve conflicts.

  • For students the Math-Physics Student Association is a first contact point. The contact persons at the Student Association for confidential counseling are Hans Reimann and Charlott Thomas.
  • Studying can become a burden for students for example due to high pressure or personal problems. The University's Mental Health Counseling Services provide help.
  • The University of Potsdam employs several trained counselors at each of its three locations who offer an open door for anyone seeking confidential help and advice. All members of the University may contact these counselors. More information can be found here.