Preliminary timetable summer semester 2021

Here are the preliminary timetables for the courses offered in the winter semester 2021/22 at the Institute for Mathematics

The latest information about the courses can be found in PULS.

Current Courses

You can find a list of the current courses offered by the institute for mathematics in PULS. The list of courses offered in the previous semesters can be found in PULS and in our archive. The exchange students who need information regarding the courses offered in the next semesters can take a look at the list of courses form the previous semseters, as many courses are offered every year. 


Course administration is handled through PULS. Please enrol in your courses in PULS at the beginning of each semester.


For most courses the material (lecture notes, exercises, etc.) is distributed via Moodle. Please also enrol in your courses in Moodle at the beginning of each semester.