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Information for High School Students, Prospective Students and Students.

The study of Mathematics opens a variety of doors for a career in business, industry, education or science. The University of Potsdam offers students interested in Mathematics a diverse and research-oriented course of study in Mathematics  with numerous connections to research centers outside the university.

For high school students

Math rocks!

Information for Support for Students in School, Talks and Advising

Are you interested in Math? The Institute of Mathematics offers a program for the support of math-inclined students. Staff of the Institute are happy to give talks to school classes. Learn more here (in German).

For Students

All you need to know about studying Mathematics

Information on the Start of Studies, Exams, Study Regulations and more

Are you already studying at the Institute of Mathematics? In the following pages, you will find all important information related to our programs of study: Start of Studies, current course offerings, study regulations, academic advising and study abroad. Furthermore, you will find the contact information for the Examination Board, the Academic Commission and the Mentor System. Learn more here.

For Prospective Students

Study Math in Potsdam: Programs in Bachelor and Master, of Science and Education 

Information on Programs of Study, Organization and Advising Offers

Are you interested in a course of study in Mathematics? At the University of Potsdam, you can study Mathematics in both the Bachelor of Science program, followed by a Master of Science program, or in the Bachelor und Master of Education programs. Learn more here.


Refugee Teachers and Students

Program for Refugee Teachers and Students

Information on Lectures

We welcome refugee mathematics teachers and students at our institute. We support the initiatives of the University Potsdam, in particular the Refugee Teachers Program and the initiatives of the International Office. Please have a look at the corresponding websites.