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20.05.2022, 14:15  –  Auditorium Maximum, Haus 8, Am Neuen Palais
Öffentlicher Vortrag

Euler Lecture 2022

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lück

Titel: A Panorama of L2-Invariants

Abstract: We give a gentle survey about L2-invariants such as L2-Betti numbers and L2-torsion. They are modelled on their classical counterparts and defined in terms... 

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20.05.2022, 11:00  –  Campus Golm, Haus 9, Raum 2.22 + Zoom
Arbeitsgruppenseminar Analysis

An algorithm for distributing weight over a finite graph (and its relation with Shintani zeta functions)

Diego Lopez (Uni Potsdam)

In this talk we will describe an algorithm to distribute some "n-dimensional weight" over the vertices of a graph, such that the weight on each vertex remains higher than a given bound. We will then... 

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23.05.2022, 10:15  –  Golm Haus 9 Raum 2.22 (hybrid - zoom)
Forschungsseminar Statistik

Robust estimation of discrete distributions under local differential privacy

Julien Chhor

Joint work with Flore Sentenac (CREST)

Although robust learning and local differential privacy are both widely studied fields of research, combining the two settings is an almost unexplored topic. We... 

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23.05.2022, 13:00  –  Campus Golm, Building 9, Room 2.22
Forschungsseminar Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie

Population models with seed bank: construction, duality and tree properties

Marta Dai Pra (HU Berlin)

This talk focuses on the study of population models with a seed bank, in particular presenting their construction from classical models, some duality results and tree properties.The first part is an... 

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25.05.2022, 16:00  –  Campus Golm, building 9, room 0.17

Learning in High-Dimensional Feature Spaces Using ANOVA-Based Fast Matrix-Vector Multiplication

Theresa Wagner, TU Chemnitz

Kernel matrices are crucial in many learning tasks and typically dense and large-scale. Depending on the dimension of the feature space even the compu- tation of all its entries in reasonable time... 

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25.05.2022, 13:30  –  Haus 9, Raum 0.17 und Zoom
Forschungsseminar Diskrete Spektraltheorie

Laplacians on Riemann surfaces and Graphs

Noema Nicolussi (Potsdam)

There are many interesting parallels between analysis on Riemann surfaces and graphs. Both settings admit a Laplace operator and the Poisson equation reflects crucial geometric information.


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15.06.2022, 14:00  –  Campus Golm, Haus 9, Raum 2.22 + Zoom


Kirstin Erath (Uni Halle) und Alexander Salle (Uni Osnabrück)

Vorankündigung. Die Titel und Abstrakte werden demnächst bekannt gegeben.

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17.06.2022, 10:15-11:15  –  Campus Golm, Building 28, Room 0.108

SFB Colloquium with Marie-Therese Wolfram

Marie-Therese Wolfram, University of Warwick, UK


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29.06.2022, 14:00  –  Campus Golm, Haus 9, Raum 2.22 + Zoom

Open science and open access

Marie Farge (ENS, Paris) und Dieter Meschede (DPG, Bonn)

Vorankündigung. Die Titel und Abstrakte werden demnächst bekannt gegeben.

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08.07.2022, 10:15-11:15  –  Campus Golm, Building 28, Room 0.108

Symmetry-informed model inference for active matter

Jörn Dunkel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Recent experimental advances enable high-resolution observations of biological and synthetic active matter across a wide range of length and time scales. A major interdisciplinary challenge is to... 

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13.07.2022, 2 p.m.  –  Campus Golm, Haus 9, Raum 2.22 + Zoom

The Kinetic Theory of a Plasma

Mikaela Iacobelli (ETH Zurich) and Toan Nguyen (Penn State University)

2 p.m. Mikaela Iacobelli (ETH Zurich): Stability and singular limits in plasma physics

2:45 Tea and Coffee Break

3:15 p.m. Toan Nguyen (Penn State University): Landau damping in plasma physics


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30.08.2022, 10:15  –  Campus Golm, Building 25, Room F0.01
Kálmán Lecture

5th Kálmán Lecture with Nicolas Chopin

Nicolas Chopin , ENSAE, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, France


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13.09. bis 14.09.2022  –  Campus Griebnitzsee, Building 6
SFB 1294 - Annual Meeting

SFB Annual Meeting


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10.02.2023, 10:15 - 11:30  –  tba

SFB Colloquium

Claire Vernade, DeepMind, London (UK)


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