Structure from turbulence, or why you might want to care about plasma physics even if you are not a plasma physicist

28.03.2019, 15:30  –  Albert-Einstein-Institut, Raum 0.01
Seminar Geometry and Physics

Ilya Y. Dodin (Princeton University)

Turbulence has always been a tough subject to study. Interestingly though, typical turbulence equations are similar in form to those that govern nondegenerate quantum plasmas, which are easier to understand. I will overview the general idea of how to map turbulence equations to plasma equations and how to keep them transparent; in essence, using phase space and Weyl calculus is the key. I will also illustrate this idea with examples from Rossby/drift-wave turbulence, which is ubiquitous in fluids and plasmas. Similar applications to other types of turbulence are also possible and anticipated.

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