The Cesàro expansion of the Spectral Action

23.07. bis 23.07.2020, 16:00  –  Zoom meeting
Arbeitsgruppenseminar Analysis

Juan Daniel Lopez Castano (Universidad Nacional de Colombia)

The spectral action is the natural and appropriate notion of action on the space of spectral triples, introduced by Chamseddine and Connes in [CC97] and defined as follows: given a spectral triple (A, H, D), the spectral action is

S(D,f,Λ) := Tr (f(D2/Λ2))

where Λ R+ plays the role of a cut-off parameter and f is positive function with

f (D/Λ) being a trace-class operator.

After a short review of some definitions and results presented in previous talks, we will discuss the asymptotic expansion of the Spectral Action in the Cesàro sense for a commutative spectral triple following Estrada, Gracia-Bondía and Várilly [EGBV98].

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