Singular SPDEs on Geometric Spaces

12.01.2024, 11:00  –  Campus Golm, Potsdam, building 09, room 2.22
Forschungsseminar Analysis

Harprit Singh (Edinburgh)

We shall discuss the solution theory to a large class of singular SPDEs in various non-translation invariant settings. In particular, I shall present results on Riemannian manifolds and homogeneous Lie groups as well as related results for non-translation invariant parabolic
and hypo-elliptic equations on Euclidean space.
Based on joint work with M. Hairer, respectively A. Mayorcas

We will meet in Room 2.22 of the mathematics building (Building 9), Campus Golm, Potsdam. For those who can't come, here are the login details:

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Meeting ID: 873 307 6196
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