At the confluence of geometry, analysis and mathematical physics

07.04. bis 07.04.2022, 15:00  –  Online
Arbeitsgruppenseminar Analysis


This is to announce the forthcoming sessions of a joint (online) seminar with two universities in Beirut, the Lebanese University (UL) and the American University of Beirut (AUB).

The seminar consists of two talks and a joint meeting.

February 10th Pierre Mathieu (Marseille) 3 p.m: Random walks on hyperbolic spaces

March 3rd Joint Meeting 9:30 to 19:00 with talks by Volker Branding (University of Vienna), Guiseppe Della Sala (AUB), Richard Aoun (AUB), Fida El Chami (UL), Li Guo (Rutgers University, Newark) and Isabella Chalendar (University Gustave Eiffel, Marne-la-Vallée)

April 7th Viet Dang (Paris) 3 p.m.

This online meeting, organised in the framework of the Research Group Linkage sponsored by the Humboldt Foundation, brings together mathematicians from Lebanon and elsewhere to present their research and exchange ideas around spectral, geometric and complex analysis, highlighting how geometry, spectral and complex analysis fruitfully intertwine.

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