The Inverse Seesaw Mechanism in Noncommutative Geometry

Autoren: Christoph Stephan (2009)

In this publication we will implement the inverse Seesaw mechanism into the noncommutative framework on the basis of the AC-extension of the Standard Model. The main difference to the classical AC model is the chiral nature of the AC fermions with respect to a U(1) extension of the Standard Model gauge group. It is this extension which allows us to couple the right-handed neutrinos via a gauge invariant mass term to left-handed A-particles. The natural scale of these gauge invariant masses is of the order of 10^17 GeV while the Dirac masses of the neutrino and the AC-particles are generated dynamically and are therefore much smaller (ca. 1 GeV to 10^6 GeV). From this configuration a working inverse Seesaw mechanism for the neutrinos is obtained.

Phys. Rev. D
American Physical Society
80, no. 6

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