Mass functions of a compact manifold

Autoren: Andreas Hermann, Emmanuel Humbert (2018)

Let M be a compact manifold of dimension n. In this paper, we introduce the mass function a≥0→XM+(a) (resp. a≥0→XM-(a)) which is defined as the supremum (resp. infimum) of the masses of all metrics on M whose Yamabe constant is larger than a and which are flat on a ball of radius 1 and centered at a point p∈M. Here, the mass of a metric flat around p is the constant term in the expansion of the Green function of the conformal Laplacian at p. We show that these functions are well defined and have many properties which allow to obtain applications to the Yamabe invariant (i.e. the supremum of Yamabe constants over the set of all metrics on M).

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