Cheeger-Simons differential characters with compact support and Pontryagin duality

Autoren: Christian Becker, Marco Benini, Alexander Schenkel, Richard J. Szabo (2015)

By adapting the Cheeger-Simons approach to differential cohomology, we establish a notion of differential cohomology with compact support. We show that it is functorial with respect to open embeddings and that it fits into a natural diagram of exact sequences which compare it to compactly supported singular cohomology and differential forms with compact support, in full analogy to ordinary differential cohomology. By extending some results for relative differential cohomology we prove an excision theorem for differential cohomology. We further establish Pontryagin duality for differential cohomology: On any oriented manifold, ordinary differential cohomology is isomorphic to the smooth Pontryagin dual of compactly supported differential cohomology. For manifolds of finite-type, a similar result is obtained interchanging ordinary with compactly supported differential cohomology.

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