Almost-commutative geometries beyond the Standard Model III: Vector Doublets

Autoren: Romain Squellari, Christoph Stephan (2007)

We will present a new extension of the standard model of particle physics in its almostcommutative formulation. This extension has as its basis the algebra of the standard model with four summands [11], and enlarges only the particle content by an arbitrary number of generations of left-right symmetric doublets which couple vectorially to the U(1)YxSU(2)w subgroup of the standard model. As in the model presented in [8], which introduced particles with a new colour, grand unification is no longer required by the spectral action. The new model may also possess a candidate for dark matter in the hundred TeV mass range with neutrino-like cross section.

J. Phys. A
IOP Publishing
40, no. 34

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