Almost-commutative geometries beyond the Standard Model

Autoren: Christoph Stephan (2006)

In [7-9] and [10] the conjecture is presented that almost-commutative geometries, with respect to sensible physical constraints, allow only the standard model of particle physics and electro-strong models as Yang-Mills-Higgs theories. In this publication a counter example will be given.
The corresponding almost-commutative geometry leads to a Yang-Mills-Higgs model which consists of the standard model of particle physics and two new fermions of opposite electro-magnetic charge. This is the second Yang-Mills-Higgs model within noncommutative geometry, after the standard model, which could be compatible with experiments. Combined to a hydrogen-like composite particle these new particles provide a novel dark matter candidate.

J. Phys. A
IOP Publishing
39, no. 30

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