A Dark Sector Extension of the Almost-Commutative Standard Model

Autoren: Christoph Stephan (2014)

We consider an extension of the Standard Model within the frame work of Noncommutative Geometry. The model is based on an older model [St09] which extends the Standard Model by new fermions, a new U(1)-gauge group and, crucially, a new scalar field which couples to the Higgs field. This new scalar field allows to lower the mass of the Higgs mass from ~170 GeV, as predicted by the Spectral Action for the Standard Model, to a value of 120-130 GeV. The short-coming of the previous model lay in its inability to meet all the constraints on the gauge couplings implied by the Spectral Action. These shortcomings are cured in the present model which also features a "dark sector" containing fermions and scalar particles.

Int. J. Mod. Phys. A
World Scientific
Art. ID 1450005
29, no. 1

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