A Characterization of Codimension One Collapse Under Bounded Curvature and Diameter

Autoren: Saskia Roos (2017)

 Let M(n,D) be the space of closed n-dimensional Riemannian manifolds (M,g) with diam(M)≤D and |secM|≤1. In this paper we consider sequences (Mi,gi) in M(n,D) converging in the Gromov–Hausdorff topology to a compact metric space Y. We show, on the one hand, that the limit space of this sequence has at most codimension one if there is a positive number r such that the quotient vol(BMir(x))/injMi(x) can be uniformly bounded from below by a positive constant C(n, r, Y) for all points x∈Mi. On the other hand, we show that if the limit space has at most codimension one then for all positive r there is a positive constant C(n, r, Y) bounding the quotient vol(BMir(x))/injMi(x) uniformly from below for all x∈Mi. As a conclusion, we derive a uniform lower bound on the volume and a bound on the essential supremum of the sectional curvature for the closure of the space consisting of all manifolds in M(n,D) with C≤vol(M)/inj(M).

Journal of Geometric Analysis
28, no. 3

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