Lecture Course "Geometric Elasticity Theory"

Lecturer: Christian Bär

Elasticity theory describes deformable bodies in space, the internal forces that occur and the shape that these bodies assume. The mathematical description uses the language of differential geometry; the word "tensor" even has its origin here. The lecture will provide an introduction that does not require previous knowledge of physics. We will derive the relevant equations and their linearizations, discuss solvability, and look at examples.

When and where:
Dienstag 14:15-15:45 in
Donnerstag 12:15-13:45 in

Tutorial class:
Freitag 12:15-13:45 in (Claudia Grabs)

Moodle link:
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Semester (recommended):
7. Semester or up

Module numbers:
81j, 771, 772, 781, MATVMD611, MATVMD612, MATVMD811, MATVMD812, MATVMD813, MATVMD814, MATVMD815

Necessary prerequesites:
Knowledge of basic differential geometry (manifolds, vector fields, Riemannian metrics, ...)


  • Marsden, Hughes: Mathematical Foundations of Elasticity, Dover 1994
  • Lecture notes, available in the moodle