Boundary value problems for the Lorentzian Dirac operator

17.12.2019, 16:15  –  Haus 9, Raum 1.10
Forschungsseminar Differentialgeometrie

Sebastian Hannes

We consider the Dirac operator on a globally hyperbolic spacetime with compact, spacelike Cauchy hypersurfaces. In this setting the Dirac operator is known to be Fredholm and have a smooth solution space under APS boundary conditions. The main question for this talk is if those properties will be preserved for more general types of boundary conditions, i.e. we want to discuss deformations of APS conditions and the role they play for dealing with (Pseudo-)local boundary conditions as well as the wave evolution operator and Fredholm pairs and how they relate to the Fredholm property of the Dirac operator.

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