Change point in the preferential attachement model

26.04.2024, 10:30  –  Zoom (please email us to get the link if you are interested
Forschungsseminar Statistik

Ibrahim Kaddouri (Universite Paris Saclay)

Motivated by the problem of detecting a change in the evolution of a
network, we consider the preferential attachment random graph model with
a time-dependent attachment function. Our goal is to detect whether the at-
tachment mechanism changed over time, based on a single snapshot of the
network and without directly observable information about the dynamics. We
cast this question as a hypothesis testing problem, where the null hypothe-
sis is a preferential attachment model with a constant affine attachment pa-
rameter δ0, and the alternative hypothesis is a preferential attachment model
where the affine attachment parameter changes from δ0 to δ1 at an unknown
changepoint time τn.

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