Lineup polytopes in physics

22.07.2022, 14:00 ungewöhnlich  –  Online Seminar
Arbeitsgruppenseminar Analysis

Federico Castillo (Catholic University of Chili)

Motivated by an instance of the quantum marginal problem in physics, we define the r-lineup polytope of P as a polytope parametrizing all possible linear orders on the vertices of P. We focus on the concrete case when P is a hypersimplex. This example sits in between the sweep polytopes of A.Padrol and E.Philippe and the theory of symmetric polytopes.

This is based on joint work with JP. Labbe, J.Liebert, A.Padrol, E.Philippe and C.Schilling.

You are welcome to invite your friends and colleagues to join us! If you wish to attend the talks, please contact Sylvie Paycha for the login details.

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