Yaglom limits and convergence on local times for Bienaymé-Galton-Watson processes with immigration

17.05.2023, 10:00  –  Campus Golm, Haus 9, Raum 0.17 & online
Forschungsseminar Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie

Ben Povar (Univ. of Warwick)

We study the joint convergence of Bienaymé-Galton-Watson processes with immigration (BGWI) and its ``naive'' local times at 0 to the corresponding Continuous Branching Process with immigration (CBI) and its local time at 0. We do this by analysing the structure of excursions from zero and around positive levels and looking at the convergence of the hitting times of the BGWI to the hitting times of CBI. The research is done jointly with Aleksandar Mijatovic and Gerónimo Uribe Bravo.

The Zoom-access data are available here.

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