Understanding and predicting global biodiversity dynamics

28.05.2021, 10:15  –  online

Damaris Zurell (Universität Potsdam)

Almost 200 years ago, Alexander von Humboldt said in his famous Cosmos series that „all natural forces are linked together, and made mutually dependent upon each other“. Today, biodiversity and ecosystems are degrading due to anthropogenic pressures. Yet, our understanding of these dynamics and their effects on economy and society is limited. Part of the problem could be the sheer complexity of nature and the human-mediated impacts, but also limited data and uncoordinated modelling efforts. In my presentation, I will outline current approaches and perspectives for integrated biodiversity modelling.  Improved modelling platforms paired with efficient data science tools could help answering pressing fundamental and applied questions related, for example, to attribution of recent biodiversity change at different spatio-temporal scales, ecosystem stability and disequilibrium dynamics, the consequences of ecosystem restructuring, and early warning signals of potential tipping points. Let’s follow in Humboldt’s footsteps and aim higher towards crossing disciplinary boundaries and understanding the complex interdependencies of the natural world.

*The colloquium will be conducted online - please see www.SFB1294.de for details.*

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