The frames of a vector bundle groupoid

20.10.2023, 11:00 Uhr  –  Room 2.22 of Building 9 & zoom
Forschungsseminar Analysis

Alfonso Garmendia (CRM, Barcelona)

Abstract: This talk will explore the structure of vector bundle grupoids, which are groupoids in the category of vector bundles. The most well-known example is the tangent bundle of a groupoid, which plays a crucial role in Poisson geometry and provides intuitive descriptions for integrating Poisson manifolds. Additionally, there is a correspondence between vector bundles and principal bundles, with the frames of a vector bundle forming a principal bundle. The goal of this talk is to delve into the structure of specific frames within a vector bundle groupoid.

We will meet in Room 2.22 of the mathematics building (Haus 9). Those who can't come are welcome to ask Sylvie Paycha for the link.

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