Relative Traces in Obstacle Scattering and the Casimir Effect

25.06.2021, 11:00  –  Online Seminar
Arbeitsgruppenseminar Analysis

Florian Hanisch (Uni Potsdam)

In obstacle scattering, one is interested in properties of the Laplacian ∆ on the complement of a compact set O ("the obstacles") in Euclidean space, subject to certain boundary conditions. ∆ may be compared with the free Laplacian ∆₀ and it is known that differences f(∆) -  f(∆₀) are trace class operators if f satisfies appropriate assumptions. The corresponding traces are given by integrals of the Krein spectral shift function associated with O.

We will discuss a relative version of this result. Assuming that O has several connected components, we look at the setting where all obstacles are present relative to the situation, where all except one have been removed. In this situation, a similar expression for traces can be established which is valid for a much larger class of functions f. We will also explain how these expressions arise in physics as relative (Casimir) energy densities, which are obtained by choosing f to be the square root.

This is joint work with Alden Waters and Alexander Strohmaier.

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