Grassmann stochastic analysis

19.03.2021, 11:00  –  Online Seminar
Arbeitsgruppenseminar Analysis

Massimiliano Gubinelli (Uni Bonn)

Another session of the Renormalisation and Geometry seminar, with a talk by Massimiliano Gubinelli (Uni Bonn).

Abstract: I will review some recent progresses in understanding the stochastic quantisation of Euclidean Fermionic QFT. This involves introducing appropriate "probabilistic" ideas in the context of Grassmann algebras and study related SPDEs.

Joint work with S. Albeverio, L. Borasi, F. De Vecchi.

You are welcome to invite your friends and colleagues to join us! If you wish to attend the talks,  please contact Sylvie Paycha for the login details.

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