Data Assimilation in Autonomous Vehicles

23.02.2018, 11:00-12:00  –  Haus 28, Raum 0.104

Erin Linebarger (University of Utah)

Guidance of autonomous vehicles (AVs) poses different challenges for data assimilation methods than geophysical applications, requiring novel approaches. One promising approach is the use of a swarm of robots collaborating to complete their objective. Swarms can be either centralized, with a single robot doing the bulk of computation with global access to data, or distributed, where the loss of any one robot would not compromise the mission but no single robot sees the whole picture. In this talk we will explore the novel challenges for data assimilation posed by AVs and discuss the potential of swarm robotics to solve these challenges. I will present several algorithms constructed for data assimilation in the swarm, and describe some ideas for improving guidance in individual AVs.

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