Colloquium "Mathematics in Lebanon and beyond"

07.02.2023, 15:00 - 17:00 CET  –  Online
Arbeitsgruppenseminar Analysis

George Saliba (AUB) and Hussein Mourtada (IMJ, Université Paris-Cité)

Opening session of the colloquium  "Mathematics in Lebanon and beyond". The colloquium will serve as a meeting place for scientific exchange, bringing together mathematicians and physicists from the Lebanese diaspora, friends of Lebanon from around the world, and researchers based  in Lebanon.

For this opening session with two talks, we have the pleasure to greet

3pm (CET): George Saliba (AUB) who will give a historical talk entitled: "Revisiting Islamic Science and Renaissance Europe"


4pm (CET): Hussein Mourtada (IMJ, Université Paris-Cité) who will deliver a mathematical talk entitled: "Singularities and integer partitions"

Absract: An integer partition of an integer number is simply a decreasing sequence of integers whose sum is equal to n. Naturally, integer partitions and their theory are ubiquitous in mathematics. I
will report on a link between an algebro-geometric invariant and the theory of integer partitions in the spirit of Ramanujan. The talk is aimed at a wide audience of mathematicians. ***

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