Aspects of automated observation of dynamic constructions

04.06.2018, 16:15  –  Humboldt-Universität, Unter den Linden 6, 10099 Berlin, Raum 2014 A
Berlin-Brandenburgisches Seminar Mathematik und ihre Didaktik

Dr. Zlatan Magajna (Universität Ljubljana)

The use of dynamic geometry systems in school geometry affects working practices in this subject. Several processes, e.g. executing constructions and measurements, checking properties, simulating, and even proving facts, are or can be  computer supported. Curiously, little attention is devoted to computer supported observation of dynamic constructions. OK Geometry is a tool that was designed for this purpose. In simple terms, OK Geometry observes geometric properties of dynamic constructions made with various dynamic geometry software and generates hypotheses. Starting from the role of observation in the proving process we shall present the concept and the principles of automated observation. We shall also consider the didactic relevance based on existing experience and research as well as some technical aspects of automated observation of dynamic constructions.

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