Approximating the integrated density of states of random Schrödinger operators - results from empirical process theory

13.11. bis 13.11.2019, 12:30 Uhr  –  Campus Golm, Haus 9, Raum
Forschungsseminar Diskrete Spektraltheorie

Max Kämper (TU Dortmund)

Random Schrödinger operators are a model for metals with random impurities and this talk will present them for the special case of the Anderson operator on a lattice. We will introduce the integrated density of states and its uniform approximation by eigenvalue counting functions and show how a result by Talagrand from empirical process theory can be used to improve quantitative results for this approximation.
This talk is based on joint work with Christoph Schumacher, Fabian Schwarzenberger and Ivan Veselic.

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