A General Definition of Conserved Quantities in General Relativity

06.07.2017, 14:15 Uhr  –  Haus 9, Raum 0.14
Seminar Geometry and Physics

Sajad Aghapour (IPM, Teheran)

In this talk I will review a paper by Zoupas and Wald which summarizes the proposal for a general definition of "conserved quantities" in General Relativity and other theories of gravity developed by Wald et al. in 1990s. This proposal gives the possibility of defining the conserved quantities at null infinity as well as the well-known CQs at spatial infinity via the standardized (ADM) canonical approach. It has been shown that, in the case of general relativity with the standard asymptotic conditions at null infinity, this prescription agrees with the one proposed by Dray and Streubel from different considerations in mid 1980s.

Reference: R. Wald and A. Zoupas, General definition of “conserved quantities” in general relativity and other theories of gravity. Phys. Rev. D 61, 084027

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