Convergence of Positive Operator Semigroups

Autoren: Moritz Gerlach, Jochen Glück (2019)

We present new conditions for semigroups of positive operators to converge strongly as time tends to infinity. Our proofs are based on a novel approach combining the well-known splitting theorem by Jacobs, de Leeuw and Glicksberg with a purely algebraic result about positive group representations. Thus we obtain convergence theorems not only for one-parameter semigroups but for a much larger class of semigroup representations.
Our results allow for a unified treatment of various theorems from the literature that, under technical assumptions, a bounded positive $C_0$-semigroup containing or dominating a kernel operator converges strongly as $t \to \infty$. We gain new insights into the structure theoretical background of those theorems and generalise them in several respects; especially we drop any kind of continuity or regularity assumption with respect
to the time parameter.
As applications we derive, inter alia, a generalisation of a famous theorem by Doob for operator semigroups on the space of measures and a Tauberian theorem for positive one-parameter semigroups under rather weak continuity assumptions. We also demonstrate how our results are useful to treat semigroups that do not satisfy any irreducibility conditions.

Transactions of the American Mathematical Society

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