Lecture course "General Relativity"

Responsible: Christian Bär

The lecture course provides a mathematical introduction to Einstein's general relativity. We start with special relativity and discuss phenomena like length contraction, time dilation and the twin paradox. Then we include gravitation and enter general relativity. We will analyze various models in more detail, such as Friedmann spacetimes to describe big bang and big crunch, and the Schwarzschild model for black holes. Time permitting, we will also cover gravitational waves. As a computational tool we will use the computer algebra system Sagemath.

The lecture will be held in English. It will start on April 13, 2021.

If you are interested, please register without obligation in this moodle. There you will find all further information. If you do not have a uni-potsdam email address, you first have to sign up for a moodle account for external participants.

Prior knowledge:
Knowledge of differential geometry in the context of a one-semester introduction (manifolds, geodesics, curvature tensor,...) is expected. If necessary, this can also be acquired in the first weeks parallel to the lecture, as long as we are still dealing with special relativity. Special knowledge of physics or Sagemath is not required.