Lecture Course: Algebraic Topology

Lecturer: Christian Bär

What are the Euler and Betti numbers, what are homotopy and homology groups? In algebraic topology one tries to understand the shape of spaces by assigning algebraic invariants to them.
The lecture course will provide a thorough introduction to these concepts. The structures under consideration are fundamental for many geometric disciplines (differential and algebraic geometry) to global analysis and mathematical physics.
As applications of the calculus we will treat some classical theorems from topology such as the Jordan curve theorem, the theorem of Borsuk-Ulam and the ham-sandwich theorem.

The lecture course will be taught in German language.

When and where:
Monday and Thursday 14:00-15:30 in House 9, Room 1.10 and 0.14, respectively.
Tutorial class Wednesday 10:15-11:45 in House 9, Room 1.10

All further information can be found in this moodle. If interested, sign up without obligation.