On the geometry of Petrov type II spacetimes

Autoren: Steffen Aksteiner, Lars Andersson, Bernardo Araneda, Bernard Whiting (2021)

In general, geometries of Petrov type II do not admit symmetries in terms of Killing vectors or spinors. We introduce a weaker form of Killing equations which do admit solutions. In particular, there is an analog of the Penrose-Walker Killing spinor. Some of its properties, including associated conservation laws, are discussed. Perturbations of Petrov type II Einstein geometries in terms of a complex scalar Debye potential yield complex solutions to the linearized Einstein equations. The complex linearized Weyl tensor is shown to be half Petrov type N. The remaining curvature component on the algebraically special side is reduced to a first order differential operator acting on the potential.

Classical and Quantum Gravity

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