Asymptotic eigenfunctions for Schrödinger operators on a vector bundle

Autoren: Matthias Ludewig, Elke Rosenberger (2013)

In the limit ℏ→0, we analyze a class of Schr\"odinger operators H = ℏ2 L + ℏ W + V idEh acting on sections of a vector bundle Eh over a Riemannian manifold M where L is a Laplace type operator, W is an endomorphism field and the potential energy V has a non-degenerate minimum at some point p ∈ M. We construct quasimodes of WKB-type near p for eigenfunctions associated with the low lying eigenvalues of H. These are obtained from eigenfunctions of the associated harmonic oscillator Hp,ℏ at p, acting on C(TpM, Ehp).

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