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Mathematical Physics: Semiclassics and Asymptotics

Mathematical Physics Group

Welcome on the webpage of the Mathematical Physics group. The group is headed by Professor Markus Klein, who will be retired from Octobre 2023. His substitution will be Dr. Christian Rose. The secretary of the group is Winnie Enders. 


Our research focuses on problems in spectral theory related to quantum theory (discrete spectrum, resonances and scattering theory). We are mainly interested in asymptotics, e.g. the semi-classical limit. The related problem of metastability in the theory of stochastic processes is another research topic. We use methods from Functional analysis, PDE, Pseudodifferential operators and Probability theory. Learn more


Our group takes an active part in the variouscourses offered by the Institute of Mathematics at the University of Potsdam. Here you can find out more on our seminars and lecture courses. Learn more.


We cordially invite you to take part in the seminars of our group. Here you can find out more on our upcoming events. Learn more.