Spectral triples for group C*-algebras from geometric group theory

22.05.2024, 10:15  –  Raum 2.22, Haus 9
Forschungsseminar: Gruppen und Operatoralgebren

Ada Masters (University of Wollongong)

Since Connes’s 1989 paper, the use of length functions to build spectral triples for group C*-algebras has become commonplace in noncommutative geometry. This construction, although sound at the level of quantum metric spaces, always gives rise to trivial K-homology. Using ingredients from geometric group theory, this can be remedied for many CAT(0) groups, including non-discrete groups. In the process, a novel group invariant from (quantum-group-equivariant) KK-theory is uncovered. The understanding of group extensions in this framework is a microcosm of the more general problem of the constructive unbounded Kasparov product. I will also touch on the problem of building spectral triples for crossed product C*-algebras arising from dynamical systems, using the Kasparov product and new tools inspired by conformal geometry.

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