Simplicity of crossed products by FC-hypercentral groups

06.07. bis 06.07.2023, 13:00 - 14:00  –  2.22
Forschungsseminar: Gruppen und Operatoralgebren

Dan Ursu (University of Münster)

Results from a few years ago of Kennedy and Schafhauser characterize simplicity of reduced crossed products AxG, where A is a unital C*-algebra and G is a discrete group, under an assumption which they call vanishing obstruction. However, this is a strong condition that often fails, even in cases of A being finite-dimensional and G being finite.

In joint work with Shirly Geffen, we find the correct two-way characterization of when the crossed product is simple, in the case of G being an FC-hypercentral group. This is a large class of amenable groups that, in the finitely-generated setting, is known to coincide with the set of groups which have polynomial growth. With some additional effort, we can characterize the intersection property for AxG in the non-minimal setting, for the slightly less general class of FC-groups. Finally, for minimal actions of arbitrary discrete groups on unital C*-algebras, we are able to generalize a result by Hamana for finite groups, and characterize when the crossed product AxG is prime.

All of our characterizations are initially given in terms of the dynamics of G on I(A), the injective envelope of A. This gives the most elegant characterization from a theory perspective, but I(A) is in general a very mysterious object that is hard to explicitly describe. If A is separable, our characterizations are shown to be equivalent to an intrinsic condition on the dynamics of G on A itself.

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