Events Winter Semester 2019/2020

PhD Seminar and PhD Day

We are happy to introduce you to the talks of our PhD seminar and PhD day!

 Upcoming dates: 

Next PhD Seminar: 19.11.2019, 16:00-16:45. Noema Nicolussi (Universität Wien)

  • Title: An Introduction to Spectral Theory of Laplacians on Graphs
  • Abstract: Graphs and their Laplace operators play an important role in various different branches of mathematics (e.g. combinatorics, data science, group theory). A key observation is that many structural properties of a graph are closely related to the spectrum of its Laplace operator. Consequently, understanding the spectrum of graph Laplacians has become an important topic with connections to several other fields.
    In this talk, we will first introduce Laplace operators on graphs and then present some aspects of this broad theory (including random walks on graphs, Cayley graphs and quantum graphs).
Next Social Events:
  • Game night: on December 11th, at 4 pm in the common room on the second floor in Haus 9.

    Because Christmas is coming, we will have Christmas cookies and sweets, and also some Glühwein; and as usual some tea and coffee. Don't forget your own cup to reduce waste.

    You are invited to bring your favourite game, but we heard rumours that we will have at least Munchkin, Zug um Zug, bezzerwizzer (german version), Carcassonne, Wizard, Uno, Skat, Doppelkopf and Rommé. If you want you can also bring your favourite post-doc and/or student.


New here?

If you recently started your Ph.D. at our Institute, please do the following:

  • Add yourself to our PhD student mailing list mathe-doc. (To do this write a request to Mr. Dathe {dathe[at]} or to one of the PhD representatives.)
  • Join us for activities. (Infos are spread over the PhD mailing list.)
  • Participate in our one-per-semester PhD day and in our monthly PhD seminar! Find out what other PhD students are working on or give a talk yourself! 


The current Ph.D. representatives are Florian Fischer and Undine Falkenhagen.

 What do we do?

  • Come to us with any questions, concerns or problems regarding your PhD studies.
  • We represent the group of PhD students in mathematics in the Institutsrat.
  • We organize the PhD day and PhD seminar together with the organizing committee.
  • We organize regular meetings for PhD students.

If you are interested in our events, or if you want to organize one yourself, get on our mailing list "mathe-doc"and/or contact us.