Local space time constant mean curvature and constant expansion foliations

Autoren: Jan Metzger, Alejandro Peñuela Diaz (2022)

Inspired by the small sphere-limit for quasi-local energy we study local foliations of surfaces with prescribed mean curvature. Following the strategy used by Ye in 1991 to study local constant mean curvature foliations, we use a Lyapunov Schmidt reduction in an n+1 dimensional manifold equipped with a symmetric 2-tensor to construct the foliations around a point, prove their uniqueness and show their nonexistence conditions. To be specific, we study two foliation conditions. First we consider constant space-time mean curvature surfaces. These foliations were used by Cederbaum and Sakovich to characterize the center of mass in general relativity. Second, we study local foliations of constant expansion surfaces.

Journal of Geometry and Physics Volume 188, June 2023, 104823

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