Betreute Arbeiten - Doktoranden

  • Torsten Wolpert
  • Enrico Reiß
  • Xiaowei Wang
  • Pushya Mitra
  • Marzia Dalla Venezia: "Width of Semiclassical Excited Resonances" (Cotutelle-de-these mit Andre Martinez, Universität Bologna)

  • Giacomo Di Gesu: "Semiclassical Analysis of Witten Laplacians on Lattice-Graphs"
  • Horst Hohberger: "Semiclassical Asymptotics for the scattering amplitude in the presence of focal points at infinity"
  • Elke Rosenberger: "Asymptotic spectral analysis and tunneling for a class of difference operators"
  • Michael Eckhoff: "Capacity and the low lying spectrum in attractive Markov chains"