20th Internet Seminar: Parabolic Equations with possibly unbounded Coefficients

What is the "Internet seminar"?

The internet seminar is organized annually by the European consortium "International School on Evolution Equations" and held at more than 80 universities world-wide simultaneously.

It consists of the following three parts:

  1. Lecture phase (October to February): During the winter term a new lecture will be published each week which is then jointly discussed on-site at each attending university.
  2. Project phase (March-May): In summer the attendants get the opportunity to work on a project of current interest under the supervision of a specialst in small international groups.
  3. Workshop (4-10 June 2017): The results are then presented in a final workshop which takes place in Salerno (Italy).

This Years Seminar

This year, Luca Lorenzi (Parma) and Abdelaziz Rhandi (Salerno) give a course on "Parabolic Equations with possibly unbounded Coefficients" which aims at both, giving an introduction to the topic and leading to questions of current research. Please find further information on the official web site.

Deviating from the official schedule, we meet every Friday 12 a.m. in room

How to participate?

If you would like to participate in the internet seminar and join the local group of our university please register informally by writing an email to Moritz Gerlach.

In addition you are ask to register on the official website following these instructions.