Workshop on Spectral Geometry


In Cooperation with the Analysis group of the University of Jena, we organize a workshop on spectral geometry.



Thursday 28. 01. 2016


(Campus Golm, Building 9, Room 2.22)

12:30 Siegfried Beckus (Jena University) "Operators over dynamical systems: The dependence of the spectrum with respect to the underlying geometry"

13:30 Lunch at the mensa

14:30 Melchior Wirth (Jena University) "Domination of semigroups and uniqueness of forms extensions"
15:30 Marcel Schmidt (Jena University) "Energy forms"

16:30 Coffee break

17:00 Daniel Sell (Jena University) "The Spectrum of Schrödinger Operators on 1D-Quasicrystals"

Friday 29. 01. 2016


(Campus Golm, Building 9, Room 2.10)

09:30 Felix Pogorzelski (Technion Haifa) "Taking the mean in groups without means"
10:30 Florentin Münch (Potsdam University) "The Connection-Laplace operator and higher order Buser inequality"
11:30 Michael Schwarz (Potsdam University) "Boundary representation of Dirichlet forms on discrete spaces"

12:30 Lunch at the mensa

13:30 Moritz Gerlach (Potsdam University) "Irreducible Semigroups on discrete spaces"
14:30 Jun Masamune (Tohoku University) "On the existence of non-constant harmonic functions"
15:30 Alexander Lyapin (Siberian Federal University) "On generation function of the solution to the linear difference equation"