Asymptotic behaviour of the Hodge-Laplacian spectrum on graph-like manifolds

21.01.2016, 12:30 Uhr  –  Campus Golm, Haus 5, Raum 1.12
Forschungsseminar Diskrete Spektraltheorie

Michela Egidi (TU Chemnitz)

In this talk (joint work with O. Post) we consider a family of compact, oriented and connected n-dimensional manifolds constructed according to the structure of a metric graph and shrinking to such a graph in an appropriate limit, and we describe the asymptotic behaviour of the eigenvalues of the Hodge Laplacian on such a manifold.

If time permits, we will also discuss some results on how to produce manifolds with spectral gaps of arbitrarily large size in the spectrum of the Hodge Laplacian.

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